Safer Healthcare, LLC
Safer Healthcare, LLC is a Maine company that facilities systems-based improvement of access to safe, reliable, and effective healthcare; an essential requirement for the sustainment and prosperity of rural communities. We work with an extensive multidisciplinary network of human factorsinformatics, cognitive systems engineering, and other specialists to match client needs with appropriate expertise.

Jeff Brown, Principal: Jeff has more than 20 years’ experience applying human factors and systems-design principles to improve the safety, efficiency, and efficacy of health care. He draws upon experience not only in health care, but from lessons learned in support of collaborative improvement in many safety-critical domains. These include border security, public safety, flight operations, regional electrical transmission, and naval operations, among others. The first twenty years of Jeff's career were in aviation, as a pilot and educator. He is a co-recipient of a John M. Eisenberg award for System Innovation. The Eisenberg award is the highest patient safety award given by the Joint Commission and National Quality Forum. He earned his M.Ed. and B.S. degrees from the University of Maine.
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